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Black, Gold and Red Fall Outfit - Stylishlyme

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Fall Holiday Outfit Red and Gold - Stylishlyme

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Finding Your Perfect Peacoat

The bright pants, gold scarf or the glittery loafers gives this outfit its holiday feel. Separately these items don’t have the same festive impact but combined they make a perfect casual holiday outfit, great for strolling outdoors and enjoying the crisp air. Every piece in this outfit is key, remove the scarf or replace the pants for denim jeans and the outfit becomes out of balance.

The black coat matches the black shoes, the gold scarf accents go with the gold coat buttons and the pants provide the perfect pop of color which is much needed during these fall/winter months. To get into the holiday spirit without the Christmas sweater coordinate your outfit with holiday colors. Think: red, gold, green, silver and anything metallic.

Keeping warm and looking stylish can be difficult to balance. To make it simple, just make sure you have your fall/winter essentials and you’ll be set. One of the essential items I’m referring to is a peacoat.

A peacoat is perfect to combat the cold winds of San Francisco and stylish enough to rival any camel coat. The peacoat: unfussy and practical. It’s desired by many because it’s subtle and offers stylish details: warm wool, big gold or brass buttons, and over-sized lapels. This classic coat has been done and redone hundreds of times, it has been around for longer than 300 years and it’s not going anywhere.

When shopping for a peacoat there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are 4 tips to buying the perfect peacoat.

  • Find a coat made of stiff wool. You don’t want to purchase a coat made of soft cotton fabric because it will lose its shape.
  • Select classic colors such as black, navy, gray, or green. You don’t want a coat that you’ll only wear one season if you bought it only because it was trendy.
  • Stick as close to the original design as possible. You want this classic piece to stay in your wardrobe for many years to come.
  • You don’t want to be this coat to be too form fitting. A little oversized is best.

Have you found your perfect peacoat?

Stay Stylish,

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