What to Pack for a Stylish Vacation – 10 perfect Pieces

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What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

Your hotel is booked, bought your airline tickets, rental car reserved, and now it comes down the the important part… what clothes to pack?

If you feel slightly stressed every time you have to pack for a vacation and wondering what to pack, don’t worry you’re not alone!

I always get a little anxious every time I pull out my suitcases to pack for two, three or four weeks of traveling.

There are a few questions that always come to mind: Do I need more than 10 tops? Should I bring an extra pair of jeans? Always bring a swimsuit, right? Should I bring shorts, bermudas or cargos? Dress or tunic?

Depending on where and when in the world you’re traveling to your suitcases will vary greatly.

Today’s topic: What to pack for a stylish beach getaway.

It’s spring and summer is around the corner so beach vacations will be in full force. When packing for a beach vacation you should pack basic interchangeable pieces. This means, pack essential pieces that you can mix and match to create a variety of looks with the least amount of clothes.

In this example, I’ve gathered 10 pieces that can take you from a sandy beach to a romantic dinner. Because you not only have to think about the weather but also the occasions. Are you going to need something that is dinner appropriate or are going to spend your entire vacation on the beach? The answer to these questions will also determine what you pack.

These 10 stylish pieces can be mixed and matched to create up to 6+ outfits and includes a pair of sandals for the beach, a pair of comfy loafers to wear while exploring the beach city, and lets not forget a tote and bathing suit!!

All of these items can be found on Joules Vacation Shop!

Which item is your favorite and what do you usually pack for a beach vacation?

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2 thoughts on “What to Pack for a Stylish Vacation – 10 perfect Pieces

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    The true dresses are my faves x Lovely picks x I usually pack dresses and swimwear as my essentials x

    XO, Anna

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    Le Living and Co.

    I can absolutely relate. Great post to organize and pack what you need! I always pack way too many dresses. Now I sort of wish I were planning a trip to the beach 🙂