Wedding dresses are heavy



As I woke up for the day I knew that it was going to be a fun one. I was recently chosen to be a maid, maid of honor that is, to a friend that is I can only describe as warm hearted. (I give you caution turn away if you are not the wedding loving type because this post is a segway from my norm.) We started the morning with a hardy breakfast of course because the bride needs energy to be slipping in and out of dresses all day. So with the plates empty and coffee drank we headed to our first destination on the list.

I can not imagine what was going through her head as we approached the location, my mind would not be able to contain itself.  You are about to enter the place that may contain the dress that you will marry the man of your dreams in, a very important purchase and not to mention pricey.  I must mention here that I have never went wedding dress shopping before, I’ve been a bridesmaid plenty of times and I just go in and out to get fitted and pick up my dress.  I have never stopped and looked and the rows and  stories of tule, silk and chiffon I have never stopped in amazement of the great detail and impeccably well made gowns ready to be picked by a lucky bride.  It is something that I will be excited to experience, boyfriend – no pressure lol.

We looked through dresses and dresses picking and choosing the ones that fit the description of the wife to be.  As I lifted and inspected dress after dress I realized wow I’m getting tired, wedding dresses are heavy.

Many dresses were tried but none made the cut.  The feeling of, “I found the dress, this is the one,” did not occur, weddings aren’t coordinated in a day  so finding “the perfect dress” should not be expected to be found in a day either.

Are any of my readers getting married?



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