Shopping for: Laser Cut Handbags

Shopping for Laser Cut Handbags

9 Gorgeous Laser Cut Handbags for Summer

Back in March I shared with you the 2013 Spring/Summer Handbag Trends and laser cut was one of the trends that we are going to see lots of. Out of the seven key styles the laser cut handbag were one of my favorites. So todays shopping post focuses on my preferred laser cut bags to make shopping for this summer trend easy for you. I adore the intricacy and delicacy of these handbags and for these reasons the emphases is on the small and detailed laser cut design. From the BCBG clutch to the Ralph Lauren shopper, you won’t have to worry about your lipstick falling out with these selections.

If you’re shopping for a laser cut handbag but haven’t found the perfect one here are 9 to help you on your shopping excursion.

1. BCBG Laser cut Harlow Clutch
2. Rebecca Minkoff Laser Cut Wallet on a Chain
3. Tory Burch Kelsey Laser-Cut Shoulder Bag
4. Amused Laser Cut Leather Bag
5. Liquorish Laser Cut Shoulder Bag
6. Tory Burch Laser-Cut East-West Tote Bag
7. Isla Lasercut Clutch
8. Sondra Roberts Laser Cut Hobo
9. Ralph Lauren Laser-Cut Shopper

What do you think of this laser cut trend? Love or loathe?

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13 thoughts on “Shopping for: Laser Cut Handbags

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    This looks awesome!! You really rock, following you now!

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    I love number 9! Very trendy.

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    absolutely love number 9! very trendy

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    Love all of them!!!

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    I mean…really all those are amazing! Love both of the Tory bags! Great finds dear!

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    i really love the black bag!

    Coline ♡

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    So cute – love them 😉

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    I love this collection of bags! No. 7 has totally stolen my attention – it’s just so gorgeous!

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    They’re all so gorgeous! Can’t pick a favorite.
    Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

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    Lady à la Mode

    LOVE the black one! great for everyday!

    Lady à la Mode

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    I had no idea laser cut handbag existed. I thought little pixies made them like that! Thanks for teaching me something!
    Love the pink pouch.

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    I like it! It adds a bit of flair without being too flashy. I particularly like the white Tory Burch bag you posted–but Tory Burch is a bit of a splurge for me so I don’t know if I’ll be indulging just yet.

    Style by Joules

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    I LOVE numbers 3 & 5. The weird thing about laser-cut things, though, is that I used to work in a laser cutting lab, so I always think I can make them myself so easily – even though I don’t actually have access to the lasers anymore! But I am loving the trend – when used well it’s gorgeous!