20 Perfectly Patterned Trousers to Wear to Work

20 Perfectly Patterned Trousers to Wear to Work

Shopping for Patterned Trousers

1. Pants in Mosaic Jacquard
2. Hampton-Fit Checkered Crop
3. Slim Floral Print Trousers
4. Camden-Fit Dot-Print Ankle Pant
5. Snake Jacquard Crop Pants
6. Avery crop pants
7. Linear Dot Tuxedo Ankle Pants
8. Floral Print Cigarette Pants
9. Fierce Leopard Jacquard Ankle Pants
10. Mitrana Geometric Print Silk Pants

Wearing Patterned Trousers to the Office

Prints pack a punch, patterned trousers liven up an ensemble and elevate your office attire to a whole new level. Some might say that they are a little too darling maybe but in a corporate culture full of solids don’t you want to stand out in a sea blacks and grays?

Don’t fall into the misconception that “professional” attire means solids, prints have their place in this world too! But there is a fine line between looking stylish and wearing too many trends. Just remember to keep it classy.

When wearing prints to the office keep the focus on the print. Your should look refined and polished not screaming five different messages. What I mean by this is pair your printed trousers with a solid top and keep your accessories to a minimum. A solid top is meant to balance the printed pant and keep the attention where it should be, the print. You shouldn’t have many different items competing for attention.

Here’s a tip: If you’re ever stuck trying to figure out what color blouse you should wear with your patterned trousers, select one in the same color family as your pants. For example, if you were to wear the floral print trousers pictured above select one color from the print and bring that to your top. So I would wear a blouse in lavender, light blue or purple.

Another advantage to wearing prints is that you don’t have to worry about accessories, great if you’re in a rush. The print will carry your outfit.

Did you like patterned trousers?

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7 thoughts on “20 Perfectly Patterned Trousers to Wear to Work

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    Alexandra Aimee

    I love patterned pants, but I have very few pairs in my wardrobe. I may need to change that!

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

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      Patterned pants really make a statement – happy you like the selection!

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    Oooh love all of these!

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    Nice tips and thanks for the inspiration!

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      Thank you, happy you like!

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    Love #2 and #7 so much! Banana has a sale now for 40% off your purchase, so may be a good time to buy #2!

    Have a great weekend.



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      Yes it would be the perfect time to buy! Thank you for sharing!