My Must Have Spring Items

Stylishlyme Spring Shorts

Stylishlyme Spring Heels

Stylishlyme Spring Maxi Dress

Stylishlyme Spring Blouse

Stylishlyme Spring Skirts

Stylishlyme Spring Dress

Stylishlyme Spring Belt

I am beginning to have a change of heart. I have always been a winter lover! Yes, I love winter because it gets so hot here that can’t stand it, still can’t. Spring has color, flowers, skirts, shorts, dresses sun hats, spring skirts and so much more. It is no wonder that once the winter cold leaves the only thing that people talk about is spring. Spring dresses, spring gardens, spring sandals but I am beginning to be one of them. Like how many times have I said spring in this paragraph alone? Spring fever hits everyone, thank goodness I already graduated from college because this is when instead of listening to a lecture I chose to listen to birds while having a picnic in the park with my boyfriend, I know so much better right.

Well I’m becoming fond of spring even though it is very short lived. What I love most about spring and I know all of you do too, is the clothes! A-dor-a-ble! I want everything, sounds spoiled I know but hey, don’t you? These are my must have spring items. A pair of the cutest cotton twill shorts I have ever laid my eyes on (thus far) by Stella McCArtney. A super chic Vera Wang ‘Brie’ Platform sandal. A sexy Victoria’s Secret Maxi Tee Dress. A beautiful soft blush blouse from H&M. A beautiful printed pansy blooms skirt that has been sold out because it screams spring. And dress from H&M from their spring collection and lastly a brightly colored suede belt with gold buckle that would be wonderful with a pair of white shorts.

So do you love these spring items as much as I do? Do you want them in your closet right now?

Me too.

Happy spring!



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4 thoughts on “My Must Have Spring Items

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    Hi baby! Guauu you have an excellent blog 🙂 I love spring because winter is so cold and i’m always freezing jjj Love your spring’s selection, those sandals are amazing. I started to write my blog in english too, i’ll be glad that you check it. You have another follower. Kisses from Spain 😉

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      Thank you. I’ll be sure to check out your blog! love from California.

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    Milena Pantić

    I love your choices for spring and i think it’s good sometimes to be little selfish.
    My clothes is mostly comprised out of black and blue peaces. ( for some black is not color )
    This is the first time that i felt need to add more color to my wardrobe. I usually feel like that about autumn.

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      Thank you Milena! It’s always fun to add some color in your wardrobe whether a scarf or shoes.