Go Mod & Bold: Spring’s Black and White Graphic Trend

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Shopping For Black And White Graphic Clothes & Accessories

A modern update to a black and white mod trend.

It’s simple black and white but the feel is modern, cool and stylish. I shared with you the Spring / Summer 2014 Trends last year and they are starting to make their appearance. I’ve recently worn many black and white looks recently but I have yet to integrate these bold stripes and geometric patterns to my outfits. I’m looking forward to wearing these mod inspired items in the coming months.

Are you ready to go mod and bold?

1. Black And White Striped Tee
2. Black/ white stripe pumps
3. Black & White Striped Combo Sunglasses
4. Stripe pocket top
5. Black/white stripe jacket
6. Black and White Stripe Sweater
7. Envelope Clutch in Signature Zig Zag
8. Striped scarf
9. black and white striped leather bow detail pumps
10. Favorite Striped Sweater
11. Swing Dress In Stripe With Extreme Trumpet Hem
12. Standout Striped Pumps

Which item is your favorite? Personally I want all of them! =)

Stay Stylish,


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