10 Menswear for Women Staples for your Wardrobe

10 Menswear for Women Staples for your Wardrobe

Menswear for Women Trend

There was a lot of menswear for women clothing in the Fall 2012 collections. From impeccably tailored coats, blazers and trousers to untucked oxford shirts and oversized vests. I’m very excited for this trend and I will be incorporating this trend into my Fall outfits. You’ll see me putting together outfits incorporating my boyfriend blazers and tweed pants but of course I need to find some new staples.

I started searching for these menswear for women pieces online. It was a little difficult to find perfect pieces that worked for petite gals such as myself. I wanted to give you a head start so here are my 10 favorite menswear for women pieces I found online.

To achieve this menswear inspired style you don’t need to wear head to toe menswear pieces. This is what I really love about this trend, it’s a blend of masculine tailoring and feminine detailing to create a balanced outfit.

For example you could wear a sexy pencil skirt with a structured striped button down shirt, like the oversized boyfriend shirt pictured above.

1. Ponte Boyfriend Blazer
2. ‘Mini’ Suede Lace-Up Oxford
3. Oversized Pocket Boyfriend Shirt
4. Sea Feather Fedora
5. Rose wing-tip brogues
6. The Cannon
7. Edie attache bag in two tone
8. Houndstooth cardigan
9. Houndstooth blazer with elbow patches
10. Leather-Patch Whipley Pant

As you can see from my selection above, menswear doesn’t only mean pants. Menswear be inspired from the fabric, pattern, color, the type of shoes or the accessories.

When creating your menswear inspired outfits remember to be creative and have fun! If you’re finding it difficult start with one piece, say a tweed blazer with elbow patches, and build the outfit around that one piece. If you trying to bring in too many pieces you might get overwhelmed and ditch the outfit all toegther.

Are you going to wear any menswear for women inspired pieces?

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    Lovely post! Love mix & match menswear in my wardrobe! 🙂 x

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    Stunning bag and shoes!

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    I love the Oxford and the watch!

    thanks for your visit!


    My white idea

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    Love this bag and blazer!


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    I really love Menswear right now! This post is perfect and captures all the staple pieces!

    Xo, Rachel

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    Beautiful fedora!


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    I love these menswear inspired pieces!! I especially love to incorporate oxfords and the menswear inspired jackets into my outfits.