5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

There are five types of shoes that every guy should own. Because wearing sneakers with a suit is not going to be appropriate (even though some guys are doing so). Here are the shoes that should be in every mans closet.

Stylishlyme Sneaker

1. The sneaker
“When you’re in casual mode, be sure to adorn your feet accordingly by including a stylish sneaker in your shoe collection.”

Stylishlyme Casual Shoe

2. The casual shoe
“Since not every laidback occasion is sneaker-appropriate, you’re going to need a second type of casual shoe. This second footwear option comes in the form of a lace-up shoe with a thin leather sole. Today’s casual shoes are sleek, structured, and void of any bulk, and will look immaculate paired with a straight-leg jean.”

Stylishlyme Black Dress Shoe

3. The black dress shoe
“For those high-brow formal occasions, or for a regular day at work, the black dress shoe is a classic item of footwear to own. There are no exceptions to this rule. You can mix and match the many available styles of dress shoe with your slacks and suits.”

Stylishlyme Brown Dress Shoe

4. The brown dress shoe
“While black is still a classic color and reserved for ultra-formal occasions, brown has become an acceptable alternative for occasions that are less decorous, yet still proper.”

Stylishlyme Ankle Boot

5. The ankle boot
“The ankle boot is an important shoe to add to your collection—especially for the fall. It’s a functional piece because you can wear it in varied ways. For instance, you can wear your ankle boot with a business suit or a pair of jeans and it will complement both looks successfully.”

These are my picks for men’s shoes, comfortable to classy.  These five shoes should take care of every engagement you may have, from hanging with friends to a formal dinner.

So to my male readers, what do you think? Did I do pretty well?


Reference: Askmen.com


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2 thoughts on “5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

  • default avatar
    Gervin Macey

    I totally agree!!!

  • default avatar
    Gervin Macey

    I totally agree!!!