2013 Spring/Summer Handbag Trends

Your Perfect Spring Purse

Spring is approaching and with that comes the search for a new spring handbag. If you have yet to find your trendy spring purse, this post is for you. From mini to transparent, this spring handbag trends offer something for everyone. So continue reading then decide which trend you’ll be wearing this coming spring and summer.


Mini purses are a big trend this spring and summer. With a variety of options available these cute little beauties are one trend that I’m looking forward to wearing. It’s all in the detail, so make sure the mini bag you choose for this spring pops with attitude!

Shopping - mini handbag spring

Hastings Mini Across Body Bag

Shopping - mini handbag spring trend



I think totes are a consistent trend. They are easy to carry, hold lots of things and easily worn with a variety of outfits. What’s not to like about totes? Do you notice the difference in size? This spring’s tote aren’t the normal super large, they are more refined and wearable.

Tote Spring 2013 Trend

tote handbag spring

Shopping - Spring Tote Trend

Saddle Tote Bag


One can never have enough clutches. Since they’re available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, materials, and finishes, clutches are always compliment any outfit no matter the occasion. Just remember you need to change the style to match the occasion. If you‘re attending a fancy dinner think embellished and small, but if you’re plans are a picnic in the park consider something light and fun like the yellow one below.

Spring Clutch trend

SPring Clutch Handbag

Shopping - Clutch Spring Bag Trend


I’ve never been much for the animal prints or skins but I might just give it a try this spring.

Snakeskin purse trend

Snakeskin purse spring trend

Snakeskin handbag- spring

Prints and Pattern

Prints and patterns have been all over our clothes and are now making their way to our purses. From florals, to checkered to stripes these fun spring purses are here to make a statement. If you’re going to be rocking this trend make the handbag the center of your outfit. Keep your outfit neutral because if you’re going to invest in such a eye-catching bag why not let it stand out.




Laser Cut

These intricate bags are a beaut! The delicacy of the structure make them perfect day bags. Since these purses are for spring and summer they are available a wider variety of colors from pastel to vibrant yellows. Just keep note that these bags are also a little see through so it’s important to have the items in your bag organized and don’t carry anything too small because it might just fall out.




Transparent Bags

I’ve always been a little weary of owning a transparent handbag because, to be quite honest, I don’t keep my bag very organized. But these transparent handbag might help me keep things a little more neatly since the bag contents are on display for the world to see. How do you feel about transparent handbags, would you try this trend?




Which handbag or handbag spring trend is your favorite?

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    Lovely bags. Do you know where I can find a transparent clutch for under $100?

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    I love the print leather adjustable crossbody bag..
    And the floral python biker shoulder bag…
    annnddd the transparent PVC Small shoulder bag! They would make such pretty additions to some of my outfits! Good choices 😀

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    Lovely bags. I really like the totes and the last one <3
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    love both of those bags! cannot wait for spring. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

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