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Learn how to build a 17-piece winter essential wardrobe and how to mix and match your pieces to create 30 stylish winter outfits! 

What some Stylish 30-DAY participants have to say…

"I really loved it! You know every day I would look forward to gettting my email from you, it was like watching a "to be continued" series! It was so helpful and I really hope that you are planning to do summer and spring outfit challenges too, because those are the most difficult seasons for me! Thank you so much for al your time and energy!" Carlie 


Vanessa - thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this style challenge. It is very obvious that this is a passion of yours and also a gifting. . I have very much appreciated the daily outfits and as icing, the quotes you introduced the day with were wonderful. . .Once again thank you so much. - Connie 


Helped me shop my own closet and put things together in new ways. Shopping list will be useful for any season because I learned to shop with logic and be sure any new purchases all coordinate with each other. Stylish, not trendy! I thoroughly enjoyed this, learned a lot, and will miss my daily emails. - Lorie

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Challenge Starts January 1st!

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YES, this is completely FREE! I know there are many style challenges that you have to pay to participate in but not this one!

Join the Winter Outfit Challenge and get a winter essential list, daily emails with a new winter outfit idea from the Winter essentials, and style advice that directly apply to you!

For 30 days I’m in this with you! I’m here to cheer you on, answer your questions, and help you put together some very stylish winter outfits! 

The challenge starts January 1st and ends January 30th. This challenge is live, in real time, and we’re in it together!


Hear from Jaime's style transformation!

What some Stylish 30-DAY participants have to say…

First of all, thank you for hosting a fall style challenge! I love the outfits you put together. They are truly stylish and very wearable. When I'm wearing the outfits, I don't feel or look like I'm trying too hard. I also like how you style the outfits with minimal jewelry. This is my style too! Like many others, I'm also having a blast with this challenge! I look forward to the next style challenge! - Claris

I am loving the challenge! Aside from having someone else picking out my clothes and making my morning routine easier :) I am getting the hang of how to mix patterns and colors. And I have gotten so many compliments on things I wouldn't normally have worn (like a dress on a Tuesday for no reason!) It's really been a great confidence booster. 

I wish it were longer than one month long! Thanks again for all the tips and support! - Amanda

Thanks for this challenge. Although I haven't posted my pics on Instagram, it's really helped me sort out my wardrobe and simplify my style!! I'm thoroughly enjoying putting my outfits together. Count me in on the winter challenge!! - Suzanne

It inspired me (Vanessa's outfits, e mails, and sayings) and got me thinking about putting an outfit together and feeling good about that! I felt better about myself and more confident as a result. - Barbara

I liked that the outfits are practical and stylish and easy to put together. They are also affordable pieces for everyday life. Lizette

IMPORTANT! Please Read 

This is not a shopping challenge. This challenge is about creating outfits, and you might have many of the essentials already in your closet. For any piece that you don't own I will also provide shopping advice; like where to buy and different budgets. You're already getting dressed every morning, why not put together an outfit you LOVE and feel great in?

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Why Join the Outfit Challenge? 

Because you'll save money by knowing what to buy! It's time to stop having a closet full of clothes you never wear or a closet with no clothes because you don't know what to buy.  

Because you'll feel confident and love what you wear! Our personal style has an enormous impact on our self-esteem, and if we feel great in our clothes, then we feel more confident, positive, and HAPPY!!

Because you'll learn what items and colors look best on YOU! I'm a firm believer that we should use clothing to enhance our natural beauty, and we can only do that when we know what colors and items look best on us! 

Because you'll have a timeless Winter wardrobe. I don't believe you're clothes should have an expiration date. The clothes you get in this style challenge will not only be good for this year but for years to come. 

Putting together outfits has never been easier... 

For this 30-Day Winter Outfit Challenge I’ll be sending you a Winter capsule wardrobe shopping list, advice for what colors look best for your skin tone, shopping tips, daily emails with a new Winter outfit created from the Winter essentials, winter style tips and videos, so you learn how to put together winter outfits like a pro.  

Even though this challenge is only 30 days, you can take what you learned and apply it to other outfits! By the end of 30 days, you should have a closet full of Winter clothes that you love and plenty of outfits to wear...30 to be exact!

Who is this challenge for?

If it’s hard for you to put together outfits and decipher what type of clothes goes best with each other, then you’re going to love this challenge! 

This Winter Outfit Challenge will make is super simple to create outfits and accessorize them to show your personality! 

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What’s Included in the Winter Outfit Challenge

My Outfit Challenge provides you with what you need to start building a closet full of clothes you’ll love and wear! 


17-Piece Winter essential wardrobe list with shopping tips so you'll know exactly what to look for and get for winter


Style tips on the perfect winter colors for your hair & skin tone so you only wear the winter colors that look amazing on you 


Daily outfits created from the winter essential wardrobe sent straight to your email, so you know how to mix & match your essentials to create outfits of your own


Winter outfit style tips sent throughout the challenge, so you stay motivated for the entire 30 days and gain some style knowledge  


Personal Style Advice from Me :) 

Because I want to help you live a StylishLife and feel confident in the clothes you wear! 

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What to Expect

You Might Need to Go Shopping

On December 15th, you’ll receive your winter essentials list. These are items you'll use to create the 30 outfits during the challenge. Along with the essentials list you’ll also receive tips on colors to wear and specific clothing styles to look for. You’ll use these guidelines when shopping for your winter essentials.

I say you might need to go shopping because it’s likely that you may already own some of the items. 

NOTE: If you signed up after December 15th or while the challenge has already started you'll receive the list of essential items by the end of the day, you signed up. 

You'll Want to Join in the Fun & Share Your Outfits 

The main idea of the challenge is to help you put together stylish winter outfits. When you put together your outfits, make sure to share them with on Instagram or via email. When sharing on Instagram make sure to tag me @stylishlyme and use the hashtag #StayStylish so I can see them! 

I want to everyone to join in the fun and bring some stylish positivity to our stylish community!

Other Fun Things Throughout the Challenge! You'll Learn More Via Email! 

Challenge Starts January 1st! 

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