How to Wear Distressed Denim Shorts this Spring

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I remember the first time I bought a pair of distressed denim. They were ripped, embellished and had embroidered palm trees on them. This was back in the eighth grade and I thought I was the coolest kid. My mom thought otherwise, she wondered how a brand convinced her kid that it was ok to pay money for ripped jeans. I think this is still the case even today and the cycle will continue, let me know if you agree.

There are a few things to keep in-mind when wearing distressed denim shorts this spring and summer.

  • Do not; I repeat, do not wear high heels with distressed denim shorts (unless your Beyonce – she can pull anything off).
  • Do avoid panty shorts; this is when your shorts are so short they look like underwear.
  • Do avoid wearing shorts that are so distressed that they show your underwear – not cute.
  • Don’t let your pockets hang out.
  • Do wear your denim shorts with a flowy top. Shorts are the tight bottoms that will balance a light top.

Have you found your perfect pair of distressed denim shorts? If not, don’t worry; I’m going to have an awesome giveaway coming up!

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