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Why a Cute Beach Outfit Needs to be Your Summer Uniform
What does your summer uniform consist of? It depends largely on where you live but being a Cali girl my summer uniform is made up of hats, shorts, bikinis, and sandals. With some dressy beach style thrown in here are there. VIEW THE POST
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What is dressy beach style & what should you wear
Classy beach style is a fun category of dress. The need to “dress nice” while on the beach can seem a little contradictory to some but let’s think of some scenarios when this dressy beach style is necessary. VIEW THE POST
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A Pretty Printed Summer Bikini & Beach Accessories – California Style
We spent quite a bit of time on the beach while in sunny San Diego. It wasn’t our plan to get so tanned, but we took advantage of the beautiful beaches and sunny days and got plenty of color. VIEW THE POST
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When & Why It’s Ok to Wear a Mismatched Bikini
Coordinating, matching patterns, colors, and fabrics is usually something we always try to do in our outfits. But there are times when it’s just fun to mix and match. The easiest time to pull off wearing non-coordinating clothing is in the summertime… on the beach…. ... VIEW THE POST
what to wear to the beach - outfit inspiration
Wondering What to Wear to the Beach? Here’s Your Answer!
If you’re planning on going to the beach the thought of what to wear to the beach has crossed your mind. What should I pack, what do I need, what would make a cute outfit on and off the beach are questions that cross our ... VIEW THE POST
What to Wear with Leopard Print Shoes
Have you ever looked at your outfit and thought it was missing something? A little bit of color, a pattern, some accessories? This is a feeling that a lot of us get several throughout the month when getting ready but it’s even more evident when ... VIEW THE POST