Beach Fashion - It’s Not Just Swimsuits and Rompers- Visit to view more pics and read some beach fashion tips!
Beach Fashion – It’s Not Just Swimsuits & Rompers
Beach clothes and style are not just restricted to bikinis and rompers. Of course, it depends on what you’re doing at the beach. If you’re tanning and taking a dip, of course you need a swimsuit, but if you’re traveling and exploring you can wear ... VIEW THE POST
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Why You Need an Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuit
It’s said that the most exciting time when traveling is the time spent planning leading up to the trip. I see some truth in that. I love planning our days, researching restaurants and new places to explore. VIEW THE POST
Stylish beach attire that is also appropriate off the beach- Visit to see more pictures and read about stylish beach attire
Stylish Beach Attire that You Can Wear on and Off the Beach
This January we headed to Miami for the first time and the first thing I thought about packing was stylish beach attire. Peter and I don’t usually travel to “paradise” style destinations, so I don’t have an abundance of beach attire to pack for these ... VIEW THE POST
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What to Wear With Grey Jeans
I love grey skinny jeans as much as blue, black and white. Whether charcoal grey or light grey jeans they are indeed a stylish choice. If you’ve been wondering what to wear with grey jeans and want to give them a try, continue reading for ... VIEW THE POST
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What to Wear in New York – How Not to Look Like A Tourist
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What is Business Casual for Women? [Your Definitive Guide]
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