Paris Opera at night
10 Amazing Photos from Paris- Part 2
This is post two of my top photos from Paris, did you get to see part 1. I am going to spend this post explaining these photos (not all but some) so you have a better understanding of why I love them so much. There ... VIEW THE POST
10 Amazing Photos from Paris- Part 1
When in Paris you will never run out of stores, food or monuments to take photos of. This is one of the many reasons I love Paris but this is what also leads to coming home with thousands upon thousands of photos. This is part ... VIEW THE POST
Stylishlme Scarf shop in Paris france
Shopping in The Marais
Here are some great photos from when I went shopping in The Marais in Paris. There are so many unique boutiques and vintage shops! This has to be on your list for when you go to Paris because you will find things here that you ... VIEW THE POST