What is Coachella & Why You Must Go at Least Once in Your Life!
It’s funny that when we told friends and family that we were going to Coachella most of them responded with, “What is Coachella?” I was surprised by the number of people that didn’t know what we were talking about...which led me to write this blog ... VIEW THE POST
Yosemite National Park Glacier Point- Half Dome- Visit Stlylishlyme.com to view the 20 Yosemite National Park Photos that Captured its Beauty
20 Yosemite National Park Photos that Captured its Beauty
There is a reason Ansel Adams spent so much of his life photographing Yosemite and why John Muir fought so hard to preserve it. Everywhere you turn is filled with light, beauty and splendor. VIEW THE POST
Visiting the Grand Canyon - photography - stylishlyme.com
Be Inspired! 10 Stunning Grand Canyon Pictures
Out of the hundreds of photos we took on our short trip to the canyon these are my favorite Grand Canyon pictures. Our perfect day trip to the Grand Canyon left us inspired and exhilarated. Peter and I tried to capture the vastness and infinite ... VIEW THE POST
Venice Italy Street Food
A Dessert & Travel Lover’s Dream
As we started walking turning right and left admiring every building, window and door. I kept noticing children with character balloons. As walked closer to the grand canal we kept seeing more and more balloons then we came upon a street that was filled with ... VIEW THE POST