Morning Workouts and Becoming a morning person
Why I LOVE my Morning Workouts + StylishlyFit Week 8
I always thought I was a night owl. I used to hate waking up early, and I figured I got my best work done at night. The older I get, the more I needed to do, from my business, this blog, working out, continuous learning, ... VIEW THE POST
Exercise Excuses: I'm Guilty
Exercise Excuses: I’m Guilty + StylishlyFit Week 7
On my last fitness update, I mentioned that life was going to get crazy, but I wasn’t going to let that be an excuse for why I don’t workout. Well, two weeks zipped by and I let my exercise excuses get the best of me. ... VIEW THE POST
The Stigma of Women and Weight Lifting + StylishlyFit Week 6
The Stigma of Women and Weight Lifting + StylishlyFit Week 6
It took me a while to become comfortable at the gym, but as I started to look and feel better - I can confidently say “Yeah, I’m a stylish woman who lifts heavy weights." VIEW THE POST
what to do on rest days
My Workout Recovery Week + StylishlyFit Week 5
You’re going to see a dramatic difference in my schedule this week from the past month. I went from 9 to 10 workouts a week to 4. Why? This week was all about workout recovery. I was feeling a little tired and needed to take ... VIEW THE POST
Why You Need a Rest Day + StylishlyFit Week 4
You may have heard or read that your body needs a rest day. If you’re constantly working out your body needs a day or two to recover from the stress you’re putting it through. Including a rest day in your workout schedule is essential! VIEW THE POST
Setting SMART Fitness Goals & Why You Need Them
How to Set SMART Fitness Goals & Why You Need Them + StylishlyFit Week 3
Why do you workout? What’s the purpose? Do you do it because you want to lose some weight? Are you getting ready for an upcoming event, like a wedding? Or do you want to get stronger, run longer, be overall fit? VIEW THE POST