5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair on Stylishlyme.com
5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair
When planning a beach vacation in San Diego, there are many things to look forward to sun, sand, waves, frozen treats, and plenty of fish tacos. In addition to packing plenty of bikinis, hats, and sunscreen I also packed my awesome curling wand from Irresistible ... VIEW THE POST
Triple Flip Holiday Hair Guide
Easy Holiday Hair Tutorial Perfect For Any Holiday Party
With the holiday season here and holiday parties approaching it’s important to look our best. We not only need to wear stylish holiday outfits but we also must have the holiday hair to match. There are a lot of holiday hair tutorials that you can ... VIEW THE POST
3 easy ponytail hairstyles on Stylishlyme.com
3 Easy & Stylish Must Try Ponytail Hairstyles
In today's post I'm going to share with you not only how to make a super sleek ponytail but also how to change up a classic ponytail with two different ponytail hairstyles. These are the steps I take to style my hair every time I'm ... VIEW THE POST
21 Braids for Long Hair that You’ll Love!
These braids range from easy to difficult and some may even necessitate having help from someone to start or complete a braid style (but it is oh-so-worth it). I’m lucky enough to have several hair stylists in my family, so I get to share with ... VIEW THE POST
How I Style My Hair Stylishlyme Vanessa
My Spring Hair Care & Styling Routine
With the change from one season to the next comes the adjustment of our daily routines. For example, you might change your alarm clock to wake you up one hour earlier in the spring to complete a morning workout in preparation for summer. You might ... VIEW THE POST
Loop Braid Hair Tutorial
When my aunt did this braid I thought it looked a bit complicated. That’s not the case, it’s actually a simple three strand braid with a few extra strands in between. VIEW THE POST