Interview with Designer Leslie Tessler

As many of you know, I‘m a proponent of timeless pieces and often I select classic over trendy. I love most how a classic piece can live in your closet for many seasons and how they become the pillars of your wardrobe.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Leslie Tessler, the designer behind the stunning and luxurious capes everyone’s lusting over. As soon as I saw the vintage inspired capes and learned more about her I knew I wanted to share her story with you.

Stylishlyme - Beautiful statement capes

What are you inspired by?
I’m inspired every day by my surroundings and I feel so lucky to be able to soak up inspiration from two of the best cities in the world (that I also call home) New York City and Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires I’m inspired by the Latin culture, the colors, the passion and overall pleasure people take in everyday life. In NYC, my inspiration comes more from the subtleties, the understated elegance and the palpable energy of the city.

How did the cape become your signature piece?
I’ve been wearing capes for more than 15 years and it’s one of the few pieces that never get rotated out of my closet. I have vintage capes from the 1930’s and 40’s that I wear and still get stopped in the street and asked about. To me that says something! The idea of creating a line of vintage-inspired capes, with that kind of character was always something I had in the back of my head but moving from New York City to Buenos Aires in 2010 was definitely the catalyst for it all.

What’s next after capes?
I can’t even think about that because there’s so much left to explore within the realm of capes. I love the idea of focusing on something specific like the cape. As a total foodie, I often compare this idea to the process of going grocery shopping. I much prefer the way we shop here in Latin America, where I go to the vegetable man to get my veggies and the meat shop to get my beef instead of buying everything under one roof. I know my friend Jose at the local carnicería (meat shop) has the best meat in town. Nothing else, just meat and meat-related products. Basically I want to be the “Juan” of capes.

With that in mind, we’ve begun working on expanding the line. The cape is incredibly versatile and for me is a piece that every women should have in her closet, like a classic trench or a LBD. We’ve begun amplifying the line, working on new styles, new fabrications and a line of cape-based accessories. When people think of capes, I want them to think of Leslie Tessler. Until then, I’m happy here eating, sleeping and breathing capes.

Stylishlyme - Leslie Tessler Designs

Having elected to abandon the traditional seasonal model, our mission is to create classic expertly tailored pieces that never go out of style; opting always for timeless over trendy.


Stylishlyme - leslie tessler Capes

What is the best part about being a designer?
Getting to design pieces I love and then to actually see people wearing them on the street – it’s a total rush!

Which item(s) in your wardrobe do you cherish most?
My wedding ring! It’s new and shiny and every time I look at it I smile. But that’s too obvious an answer, no? My other would have to be my grandmother’s vintage cape from the 1940’s. It is, by far, the chicest piece I own.

You never leave the house without?
My iPod. I am physically incapable of walking in silence.

Guilty pleasure you never feel guilty about?
Watching reality TV in my PJ’s with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon.

If you could live in any decade, it would be… why?
For me there’s something special about the 1950’s. I love the fact that people got dressed up to go to the theatre or fly. Men wore hats and opened doors – what’s not to love about that? Plus I grew up listening to the music of the 1950’s. At my house it was Motown, Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Big Bopper etc. Or maybe it’s just because I watched Peggy Sue Got Married and La Bamba way too much as a kid but for whatever reason, the 1950’s a period of time that is completely magical to me.

2012 was…
Nuts, beautiful, surprising, scary, amazing – a total adventure that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world!

What makes you StylishlyYou?
A sense of humor! At the end of the day, there’s nothing more stylish than a great smile and a good laugh.

Stylishlyme - Leslie Tessler Innterview
Stylishlyme - Beautiful Cape for Winter

I hope you enjoyed this interview, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Interview with Designer Leslie Tessler

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    Great interview as well… Looking forward to more posts xx


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    Beautiful capes! 🙂


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    great interview!!

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    To be honest, I don’t think everyone looks good with a cape. It’s a very specific piece and I’m not sure about short people wearing capes, I don’t know. But I do really like capes, it’s a classic piece and they can make the difference.

    Love * Sara

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    Amazing interview!
    So lucky!
    Plus the 2nd cape is to die for!
    Great post!
    Youre writing style is just a joy to read!
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin & GFC?
    Let me know, and I always follow back!
    Lots of love from London.
    Love G xx

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    Her collection is awesome, great interview!!!

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    I’ve never heard of her but I am glad I read your interview. Her clothing pieces are stunning!


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      Great, I’m happy to introduce you to this designer!

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    Oh my goodness I love her capes! That last one is gorgeous!! Great interview. I agree about a smile and a goof laugh being stylish 🙂

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      Great, I’m happy you liked the interview!

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    Capes are gorgeous! They look so stylish but I’m wondering if they will keep you as warm though?
    I love the last picture =)

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      I have a few capes and they do keep you warm. It also depends what they are made of.

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    Love the coats pictured here!

    xo Olivia
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    Nice post and amazing coats. Have a nice day.

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    These capes are gorgeous!

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    love the capes, so much inspo !!!! xO!

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      Yes they are gorgeous aren’t they! Happy to provide some inspiration!

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    I love this interview and the beautiful capes! I have a wool blue cape in my closet that was my grandmothers. I wear it every winter. I need another to balance out my wardrobe;)
    Beautiful site!