About Peter Lang

Fashion Photographer - Peter Lang

I’m Peter. If you’ve stumbled onto this page, then you probably know that my love and I run her blog, Stylishlyme.

Since 2011, when we started this blog, I’ve:

  • taken tens of thousands of photos
  • studied photography and the fashion industry
  • analyzed website, social and affiliate analytics
  • carried a ton of clothes
  • came up with campaigns
  • partnered with hundreds of brands and signed for more deliveries than I can count

I’m a student of marketing/business strategy and driven to leave people better than I found them. I’m always trying to find a solution and look at things from different perspectives.

In my other full-time job, I work as a Digital Marketing Strategist for our Digital Marketing Agency. In my personal time, I love fitness and currently focus on CrossFit, reading about philosophy, business strategy, and advertising, while seeing more of the world each day with Vanessa.

Couple Traveling Peter Vanessa Grand Canyon Lookout

Peter Lang - Traveler Peter Sailing Couple Traveling Rome

Peter Lang Photographer sleep-stylishly Garden Court Palo Alto - Stylishlyme.com