Stylish Ceremony

As I began to read the Encyclopedia of Fashion I was pondering the ways in which, I could incorporate this into my blog so I could share with you the interesting facts I came across.  Whether it be incorporating it into my existing posts or creating a new category such as, “Fashion Facts,” “Stylish Scholar,” or “Unofficial Fashion Degree.” I am still throwing the idea around but if you have any suggestions leave me a comment. But as if it were meant to be the first term was “Academic Dress” now isn’t that fitting because I am a recent college graduate. So I will start with that.

By academic dress I mean, the formal cap and gown worn by the graduates at the commencement ceremony.  I recently wore one and I loved the symbolism of the whole attire but not so much the comfort of the cap. The University of Oxford and Cambridge set the tradition for academic dress. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Oxford one summer and learn about their traditions, schools, academics, and fascinating historical details. (Pictures below) They began by setting strict academic dress for their students which ultimately spread to different parts of the world.

“In the medieval times the term “bachelor” was used to describe the assistant of a small landowner; the apprentice as opposed to the master who was already skilled, hence the academic use of the term “master” as well. Both of these titles were in widespread use in the universities during the thirteenth century. As such, there was structure within these institutions related specifically to the degree of knowledge obtained by the scholar. This hierarchy, along with the medieval style of clothing, became the basis of academic dress.”



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