My Favorite California Day Trip – Carmel by the Sea

Stylishlyme - Peplum Dress

Stylishlyme - Bright Peplum Tie-Dye Dress

Stylishlyme - Blue tie-dye dress

Stylishlyme - Racer back peplum dress

Stylishlyme - Peplum tie-dye dress

Stylishlyme - Peplum Blue Dress

Tie Dye Peplum Dress gifted by London Times

Wearing a Tie-Dye Peplum Dress in Carmel by the Sea

One of my favorite places to visit every year is Carmel by the Sea, in California. This little coastal gem is a perfect place to stroll past fairy-tale cottages and wander down narrow alley’s that lead you to wonderful little tasting rooms and art galleries. Not only is this seaside town filled with charm it has every type of store to fill your food, decor and closet appetite, with shops ranging from wine and cheese, vintage clothing, art, jewelry and chic clothing.

Whenever we are lucky enough to escape to Carmel we make sure to stop by and eat at La Bicyclette and buy some treats at The Cottage of Sweets. I highly recommend eating lunch or dinner at La Bicyclette, they have great pizza, desserts and vast wine selection. I shouldn’t have to explain why we always stop at The Cottage of Sweets to buy candy, that’s self-explanatory.

Now it’s time to talk about this amazing tie-dye peplum dress. I hadn’t been that interested in the peplum trend because I had yet to find the perfect piece for me. I know you already know this but you should only wear trends if you can make them work for you. I was shying away from this trend mainly because I was thinking, “who needs all that extra fabric around the hips, and I want to look slimmer not wider.” If this is what you were thinking – consider these quick peplum fashion tips to get you started.

  • Keep the skirt or pants under the peplum streamlined, meaning you want a form hugging fit on your bottoms, much like the dress I’m wearing above. The silhouette is streamlined not loose and baggy.
  • Consider a peplum piece that doesn’t have too much excess fabric, again in the dress I’m wearing the peplum is very minimal and sleek not overdone.
  • Select a fabric that won’t bunch up or rise while you’re walking. The last thing you want is a peplum that looks loose and sloppy. The tie-dye dress I’m wearing has a stiffer fabric that will always lay perfectly.

I hope these quick fashion peplum tips help you in purchasing your first peplum piece! Would love to hear what you think about this outfit in the comments!

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