Bright Pink Shorts for Summer

Cute Outfit for Summer

Pink Shorts for Summer

Heels and Shorts

Long Ponytail

Bright Pink Shorts

Pink Shorts and Skinny Pink Belt

Leopard Heels

Skinny Pink Belt

Tan Collared Shirt

Time for Summer Outfits

Summer is here! Well, summer was officially here about 12 days ago but with the hustle and bustle of past days I haven’t had time to enjoy it. But I did this weekend; I spent most of my days outdoors enjoying the sun. Well more like hiding under a large sun hat with a maxi dress to stay covered because I tan way too quickly.

I’m pretty sure you know but in case you didn’t, many and I mean many sales are going on and I can hardly contain myself. I recently bought these bright pink summer shorts for 13 dollars; yep you read it right $13 dollars at NY&Co. I would highly suggest you to take a look at their summer sale.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Photos: @peterlang


35 thoughts on “Bright Pink Shorts for Summer

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Means a bunch. Those pink shorts are amazing. Especially with those leopard shoes 🙂

  2. I love NY&Co’s sales. A little bit too much. lol  You look simply beautiful! I love the way you paired the bright pink with the khaki top and leopard heels!

  3. que bello outfit! Following you now! Lets stay in touch doll!

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