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Black Blue Outfit Fashion - Stylishlyme

Chambray and Leather Outfit - Stylishlyme

Black and Blue Outfit - Stylishlyme

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How to Wear Leather and Chambray - Stylishlyme

How to Wear Black and Blue

When putting together an outfit I usually start off with one piece that I really want to wear and then build around it.

For example, If I really want to wear a new pair of shoes, I begin with of course the shoes. In this outfit, I started off with the long sleeve chambray shirt. I hadn’t worn the top for sometime and I love wearing the same item in various ways, if you can’t tell by numerous times I’ve already worn this leather jacket this year.

I didn’t immediately start off with a black and blue theme it kind of just happened. The blue top went really well with this somewhat faded blue pants. I know you’re not supposed to wear bottoms and top are a very similar shade of blue but since this is not denim in some weird way it works.

To break up the all blue look I added a black leather jacket for different dimension. The heavy leather jacket looks great against the airy blouse. To finalize a look, it always goes back to balance, an outfit needs to be balanced in order for it to look appealing to the eye and flow. I topped it off with black and blue high heeled sandals which brought the outfit up a notch and brought it to the realm of dressy as opposed to casual.

Have you tried wearing only two colors in an outfit?

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